The Best Time of Year to Replace Windows

There comes a time in every homeowner’s life when their windows need to be replaced. Usually, this becomes apparent after one too many astronomical energy bills become too difficult to bear.

Luckily, replacing your windows – if you hire the appropriate company to handle this task – is not monumental. Still, the savings on energy and the upgraded comfort from replacement windows goes beyond any other upgrade to your home.

However, you may wonder about the best time of year to replace your windows. This is a perfectly reasonable question, considering the many factors involved.

Let’s discuss the best times to have window replacements installed.

But First, a Window Replacement Primer

Replacing your windows requires hiring a trustworthy and affordable company to help you. This process begins with an inspection and estimate to determine which of your windows needs replacement and how much installation and materials will cost.

From there, you’ll comb through a selection of windows and customization options provided by the company and pick the ones most suited to your home’s style or architecture. Work with your replacement windows company here to ease the anxiety.

While your windows are being custom-manufactured, your installer will work with you to choose an installation date. Depending on how many windows you have replaced, installation may take a day or two but not longer than a week.

After installation, the company will review any necessary maintenance procedures to ensure your windows remain operational for years. However, many new window replacements require little maintenance outside routine inspections.

So, What Is the Best Time of Year to Replace Your Windows?

This depends on many factors. However, the most significant factor is your climate. Homeowners in hotter climates may replace their windows before the summer heat kicks in. Homeowners in colder climates could look to replace their windows before Jack Frost comes knocking. Extreme temperatures in either direction will likely expose your home to an uncomfortable environment.

Weather conditions are also another vital factor to consider. Homes in coastal regions may avoid installing replacement windows during the Atlantic Hurricane Season from June to November. In the Northeast, homeowners would be wise to prevent window replacements as the snow begins to fall.

On top of that, no one likes to see contractors working in less-than-ideal conditions. You wouldn’t want to be working outside during a thunderstorm or a blizzard, would you?

We can’t forget budgetary concerns, either. The homeowner’s purse strings can determine if windows are being replaced in a month or two years from now. Tax time can afford you a significant home upgrade if you’ve paid too much to Uncle Sam during the year. On the flip side, Christmas might not be the best time to buy new windows.

So, all things considered, when should you choose to have windows installed?


Spring allows homeowners to upgrade their windows just before the summer heat kicks into high gear. With spring’s mild temperatures, replacing your windows during this time of year is ideal for energy cost savings.


A summer window upgrade – especially during the first few weeks of the season – will allow immediate energy savings if you live in a warmer climate. However, you may also be dealing with higher demand from fellow homeowners seeking the same job.


Upgrading your windows in the fall works if you live in colder climates. A vital upgrade like this one before the first snow hits can give you a much more comfortable home during the cold months.


Winter installation largely depends on your climate. Colder climates may see fewer companies willing to install windows as blizzards and constant snowfall become problematic. However, homeowners in warmer temperatures are more likely to find companies ready to do work during these months.

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